Overlea Advances Into The Third Phase of Construction


Tyniera Rollins, News Reporter

Overlea High School has completed the second stage of construction and is now in the midst of the third stage.

“The third stage of construction started on March 24th and is expected to end August 18th,” said Mr. Powell, the assistant principal. “The technology building, auditorium, gym, and the cafeteria will be repaired over the summer.”
Overlea high school staff and administrators had to move their classes and offices elsewhere.

“It’s not my choice but I have to deal with it, there’s not much I can say,” said Mr. Rivera, the Spanish teacher.

During the third stage of construction the routes students have to their classes were changed.  Some students were not happy about this. “They are a little difficult to get around and a bit confusing,” said Pedro Rollins (‘19).  ”It sucks.  Makes me go out my way to get to class.”

“I never get to class on time on time.  I’m always late,” commented Jelist Chow Chang (‘16).

By the time students’ return to school next autumn, their patience should pay off as they will enter a fully renovated school.