Kenneth Sinkler: The Undercover Artist


Kristen Schenck, Arts Reporter

Many fellow Overlea Highschool students may not know this, but we have a famous artist in our mist. This person believe it or not has had the privilege of having his art showcased in the Baltimore Museum. He might not show how talented he is to everyone but this here is here for you to know that Kenneth Sinkler was unable to hide his talent for long.

Like all artists with their art work they try to show or give messages to people through their art, and that’s what Kenneth did. With his light pencil strokes and interesting background of an EKG this art was a one of a kind. “My hands made that picture.” Sinkler said soaking in his achievement of having his art work showcased.

Even though Kenneth’s work is in the Baltimore Museum doesn’t mean that he wanted it there. “To be honest I didn’t want to showcase it,” Sinkler says “Ms. Fisher said it was good and took it upon herself to showcase it.”

For those who don’t know Ms. Fisher is one of Overlea’s art teachers and is also the woman who made the decision to showcase Kenneth’s art work. Even though she did go against his wishes that didn’t change her feelings about his success. “I feel proud,” Fisher exclaimed “and also honored.”

Although Kenneth’s artwork is currently in the Baltimore Museum doesn’t mean that was always the original plan. “I originally picked two students,” Fisher said trying to explain the situation “But I picked Kenny because of how hard he works.”

Hopefully Kenneth’s art work continues. And with his hard work will soon come success and amazing opportunities down the road.