Overlea Teachers Prepare for End of Year Evaluations


Ciarra Talkington, News Reporter

Believe it or not, in May of each year, Overlea High School teachers are scrutinized to see how well they are doing in being a teacher.

“The teacher evaluations are a way to see whether or not a teacher is doing her or his job correctly,” remarked Mr. Benjes, a social studies at Overlea. “We look at how each teacher operates in four areas: Planning, Environment, Instruction and Professional Responsibilities.”
Most teachers do not look forward to being subjected to teacher evaluations and are sometimes unnerved beforehand.

“No one wants to be evaluated,” stated Mr. Benjes. “Some teachers are intimidated and are scared they will not do well.”

Most teachers get good ratings on their evaluations at Overlea, but sometimes, teachers receive unsatisfactory scores.

“If a teacher does not do well on their evaluation, they will be assigned an improvement plan,” explains Mr. Benjes. “The teachers who need to improve their teaching style will receive mentor help to assist them in doing so.”

The students at Overlea High School should never forget that they are not the only ones who are subjected to being scrutinized and are not the only ones who have people who pester them to do their best at what they do every single day.