Overlea’s Dance Team Is Practicing For Competition


Brittany Watkins, Art Reporter

On April 26th the Dance Team will be attending the Maryland State Competition to compete with other dance teams.

“The Maryland State Dance Competition is everything that we have been striving for,” said Ms. Ferrigno.”We’ve made this far in competition and we refuse to give up.”
The Dance Team is very different from being in the Dance Class. The Dance Team is more of a hobby or something a student would enjoy doing.

“It’s just having fun and competing with other teams,” said Jessica Uanejo (’17) “not to see who is the best, but just the having fun aspect.”

Dance competitions occur twice a month. Those who are the best of the best make it to the finals.

“A lot of hard work and long practices are required.” said Amber Keitt.
The Dance Competition would be something great to see. This should become a thrilling site.