Mr. Brown Leaves Overlea


Cierra Talkington, News Reporter

In April of 2016, Mr. Brown, a teacher at Overlea High School, made the choice to leave Overlea so he could become a fitness director at YouFit, a fitness club. The job is clearly appropriate for this man given that he is very fit and always sporting athletic attire. “I have mixed emotions about leaving,” he remarked. “I made the decision to become a fitness director because of my passion for health and fitness and to help my family financially.”

Although Mr. Brown is one of the coaches here at Overlea, he still possesses a kind, very down-to-earth demeanor, equipped with the friendly smile he often has on his face at all times. Mr. Brown, who has been a teacher at Overlea for 6 years, is immensely excited to begin his new job. “I am going to be able to do what I love everyday: help people to better themselves by being fit and healthy,” he said with pride. “I will be able to inspire people to make better choices and live a longer, happier life.”

Mr. Brown has many fond memories about working at Overlea over the past several years. “I really enjoy working with my wife (Mrs. A. Brown) every day,” he said with a smile forming on his face. “I will definitely still assist her in Theatre next year,” he said, nodding assuredly. Mr. Brown also has memories he holds close to his heart involving the students he has worked with. “I have loved being a coach here,” he said. “I will miss teaching weight training.”

Mr. Brown has even bigger dreams for the future. “I intend on starting my own health and fitness business,” he shares. Mr. Brown looks forward to not only the economic gain he will receive in creating his own business, but also to helping his family live well by having it. “I am sure the business will not only help individuals apart of it health wise, but also my family health wise.”

Mr. Brown is very pleased with the man who will be replacing him as a teacher. “His name is Mr. Sinkle,” he informs. “Like me, he coaches here.” Mr. Brown also shares that Mr. Sinkle is very well-liked as a coach and will make a great addition to Overlea. He smiled and reassured me, “Don’t worry. I’ll still be around.”

Mr. Brown has already officially stopped teaching here, but he is often still seen in the halls or sitting next to his wife in her classroom on the second floor, which won’t be changing anytime soon. Mr. Brown, a philosophical man at heart, had a few words he wished to share with all those who will miss seeing him every day in their classroom. “Always, always stay focused, even in difficult times,” he said sternly. “Through difficult times, you are made stronger.” He also shares a passage from the Bible that he favors. “If you faint in the day of adversity, your strength is small,” he said, “Proverbs 24:10.” He looks directly in my eyes, as if personally speaking to me and says, “Be strong and strive for excellence.”