Why Only a Teacher’s Sanctuary?


Delmonte Ward, Opinion Reporter

It wasn’t too long ago that the school had normal vending machines that provided products such as Sprite, Pepsi, and Coca-Cola. But since schools are switching the products they provide in order to create better diets, all of these wonderful products were stripped from us and were replaced with boring, bland fruit-flavored drinks. Until recently, if given permission, a student would be able to enter the teacher’s lounge and purchase satisfying products from the two vending machines located there. Unfortunately, this privilege was stripped away from us as well, but not for some irrelevant reason such as attempting to fix a student’s diet. No, this privilege was taken from us because we refused to respect it.

The simplest way to put it would require using the words of Mr. Ford who said the following when asked, “Why can’t students enter the teacher’s lounge anymore?” His answer was short and simple and quite brutal as he bellowed, “Because we don’t want you there!” He then finished with an ecstatic, “Boom, interview over, bye!” Naturally I was shocked by both the astonishingly short length of the interview and how overwhelmingly blunt he was. But after I revived myself from my death by laughter I continued my search for my real target interviewee, Head of the Faculty Committee, Mr. Parsons. Only by sheer coincidence did I find him within the very location this article is about…the teacher’s lounge.

Unlike his peer Mr. Ford, Mr. Parsons gave a legitimate reason as to why he, Head of the Faculty Committee, decided that no students under any circumstance may enter the teacher’s lounge. Even I, who was there for a completely academic reason, was watched vigorously by both Mr. Parsons and teachers passing by. According to Mr. Parsons, on multiple occasions he has caught students without a teacher present, let alone any permission to enter the teacher’s lounge. He recalls an incident earlier in the year that may never leave him: “Early in the year, I walked in and found several players in the fridge going through teacher’s lunches.”

But even with this incident, Mr. Parsons still allowed students to enter and utilize the faculty lounge. It wasn’t until recently when a cake was found to be vandalized that Parsons decided that enough is enough. “Yeah, I was furious. After that I sent out an email to all the faculty reminding them to not allow any students in the faculty areas.”

So as it turns out, we the students lost our privilege to enter the teacher’s lounge. It wasn’t stripped for no reason or because the teachers simply didn’t want us there, although some teachers may rejoice at this new development, but instead we as a student body refused to respect both the privacy and security of the teachers.

So next time you have to eat your lunch cold or have to settle for a flavored water drink, you can look towards your peer and say this is your fault.