Renovations Bring New Main Office to Overlea


Ciarra Talkington, News Reporter

Something beneficial has resulted from all the hassle the students have encountered amid all the construction going on at our school: a clean, bright new office.

“It is a great atmosphere; this new office is so much more welcoming than the old one,” remarked Ms. Winger, one of the secretaries who works in the new office. “It is so much cleaner than the old one. It is great.”

The new office has larger windows, allowing in more light so the people working in the office have access to much needed sunlight.

“I love how I have more sunlight. I can see what I am working on more clearly, so it is easier to get work done,” explains Ms. Springston, another one of the Overlea secretaries. “There is also a lot more room to move around as well.”

Dr. Dwarte, the Overlea high school principal, has made himself right at home in his new office. He has various sports items placed around the room, a couch, and tons of space to walk around, all in one office.

“I am extremely pleased with the new office, but although I am benefitting from the construction, it is not about me, it is about the kids,” remarked Dr. Dwarte. “They are finally getting what they deserve: a 21st century building.”

It seems, after years of being neglected, Overlea High School is finally getting the attention it deserves so the students attending the school may have a cleaner, more attractive school.