Feature : Mr. Powell


Thrina Akapala, Editor-In-Chief

I walked inside the school heading towards the cafeteria. I see students standing in the hallway listening to music, talking to their friends or just hanging out. As I’m walking I see a tall buzz cut man named Mr. Brian Powell.

Mr. Powell is a tall man who has been the assistant principal at Overlea High School for the past three years. He deliberately continues his tradition of becoming an educator. Especially since he went to an excellent school called Salisbury University.

Mr. Powell is a dedicated man who cares about others well being. He also really looks up to his mother. “My mother had been teaching at an elementary school for 37 years.”
Mr. Powell followed his mother’s footsteps in order for him to pursue his dreams of being an educator. He has never had the thought of becoming anything else than an assistant principal.”I never really thought about that, if I had to choose I’d rather be a business major or do sports management.

Mr. Powell always wears a variety of suits to make him look like he is a serious and professional man. He likes the ability to work with teachers and students on a daily basis. Mr. Powell is the type of man who doesn’t give up, he wants to make sure that each and every individual is successful.

Mr. Powell is also the type of man who likes to demonstrate pride in all the programs we have and makes sure to share our success with other schools in the county.

Mr. Powell is always an active member of the school and community especially in the teacher/staff basketball games, and watching some of the sports activities. He ensures that students are productive and are able to reach their full potential.

Mr. Powell is friendly with most of the students, teachers, and staff at Overlea because he believes that they are what makes this school. ” We have a lot of motivated students and dedicated staff working together making sure Overlea is successful,” Powell said.