Feature : Blossom Ibekwe


Kristen Schenck, Arts Report

It was just another day in beautiful Nigeria. When a little girl named Blossom was in her kindergarten class and received an alphabet book. She didn’t know it that day but that little book changed her life.

“ I remember the first day I felt like an artist,” spoke Blossom thinking back to that special day. “ In an alphabet book the first thing was draw something that starts with an A, and I drew an apple.” She smiled with great joy remembering how her art passions started. “ It was the best apple ever, I don’t care what anyone says.” Confidence continuing to beam through her voice.

Blossom has grown from being that little 5 year old drawing in that alphabet book. She is no longer the same physically or mentally. “ I think I see things differently now,” she spoke trying to put her thoughts into words. “ As I progress with my artwork it’s like even the simplest thing I can see as something more spectacular.”

As Blossom continues to grow she has favorited a specific type of art, visual art. Now she of course has a reason for favoriting this. “ It’s visual and everyone can see it,” she explained showing a great amount of enthusiasm. “ Even if the artist had something in mind anyone can interpret it.” She spoke thinking about her explanation.

When comes a passion comes a dream. “ I’m going to be an art therapist.” She smiled widely confessing her goals “ An art therapist is when I help people through different things with art.” She said using hand gestures to show her interest. “ People would come to me and they can sculpt how they feel and find out what the source of the problem is and help them from there.”

Now don’t think that Blossom’s journey is officially over, she still has a long way to go…