Feature : Brandon Turner


DeAndre Brown, Sports Reporter

If you look outside on any given school day you will see Brandon Turner on the track running.

Growing up in west Baltimore were all he could do was run the streets but he first was a basketball player before switching over to track in his 9th year of high school when he ran for Randallstown before coming over to Overlea and starting track. “ Started when I was 13”, said Turner “I wanted to see how I would do coming from basketball.”

Brandon makes himself a better runner by doing extra things outside during practice. “ I do 200 push ups and sit ups” said Brandon “ I got to make sure my body is fit”.

Every Track coach emirs him on for what he does as a runner. “ Brandon was a very influential person who always comes to practice and prepared”. Said coach Parsons “he is very willing to complete the workout to complete all the workouts that was sat out for him”.

Most people model their game off a professional such as Lebron James, Cam Newton, and Usain bolt. “ A student from Baylor university named Trayvon Bromell cause he had held the fastest 100meter in high school and the junior record”, said Brandon (boldly) “ I want to be like him speed wise”.

Most athletes as Brandon have a very good mindset with going to collage after high school. Brandon has high hopes for himself going to a good collage and continuing his track career at a good collage. “ If I put my mind to it I think I can do it” said Brandon “ Hope I can get a scholarship”.

Some players feel that they want to give up and quit all these tuff sports. But it’s a certain few that keeps going and fights through all the blood sweat, and tears like Brandon did when he started up to how he is now. “ Yes I felt like giving up plenty of times but I kept working to getting better,” said Brandon “ Now I can beat all the kids that beat me.”