Feature : Ms. Smith


Ciarra Talkington, News Reporter

“I love making collages,” remarked Katherine Smith, the art intern from Loyola University at Overlea High School. She shared a hobby that ignited a fire of excitement that made me jump up. I looked at her young, bright blue eyes and saw my own. This young woman possesses passion and determination, along with an eagerness to keep her “temporary students” on the right track, and a genuine interest in what she desires to teach our youth—she is the epitome of an ideal teacher.
What Ms. Smith said next shocked me: “For a long time, I didn’t want to major in art and become an art teacher. At first, I wanted to be a doctor, but those classes stopped being intriguing to me. With art, however, I didn’t feel like I was working; just expressing what is in my heart,” she said with a bright passionate smile. “There is a beauty about the world you don’t notice until you are creative and artistic.” I smiled back at her and said, “If only all of us were aesthetes.”
Ms. Smith and I share another common artistic interest: photography. “When I see something pleasing, I want to capture it, own it.” Ms. Smith grew up being exposed to creativity. “My mom was an art teacher. She took my sister and myself to museums all the time when we were kids. Art is engraved in my soul.” Ms. Smith could go on talking about her passion for art all day. “I take pictures non-stop. Every time I see something photo-worthy, I pull out my camera. I want to make everything beautiful my own.” The more I talked to her, the more I saw myself in her.
Ms. Smith is very excited to begin teaching art to elementary school kids. When I asked her why she chose to be an elementary school teacher, she responded by saying, “It is best to teach kids how to be artistic early on because it is important that they have a creative escape to get them through hard times they encounter growing up.” After wishing her well, I asked her how she thinks being an art teacher will go and she stated that, “I’ve learned a lot while teaching here at Overlea: I learned how to, simply, be a good teacher. Being here has prepared me to become a real teacher, so I think I am ready. I start teaching in just a few weeks!”
Friday February 26th 2016 was the end of Ms. Smith’s journey on her road to becoming a teacher – she is now officially a real teacher. On that day, we all had to say goodbye to her. Although sad to see her go and disappointed in the fact that she can’t share her talents with us for the whole year, we are happy for her: she will make a wonderful addition to Golley Elementary School. Before leaving to begin the next chapter of her life story, she gave me a piece of advice I won’t soon forget. I remarked to her that I don’t always enjoy everything we do in the photography class she had been teaching and she responded, “You can always use skills you acquire doing things you don’t necessarily like in aspects of art you enjoy.” After hearing those words, I knew I would never forget her.