Feature : William Miller


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Jeremiah Bryant, Sports Reporter

William Miller is a 5’11”, 160 lbs point guard for the Overlea falcons for the varsity basketball team. He is a key player on the team contributing a lot of points, Miller can also handle the ball good and pass also he’s only a sophomore. It is rare for the Overlea falcons to have sophomores on the varsity team, this year there were two (including this writer). Miller grew up in the tough streets of west Baltimore but he kept basketball on his side, he started at 5 years old. “Basketball keeps me out of trouble,” Miller said.

Basketball has influenced him so much that his dream is to go to college for basketball and possibly go to the NBA. His role model and favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant. When watching Kobe Bryant it pushes him to strive for greatness.”Kobe Bryant is my role model because when I watch him it makes me wanna play better,” Miler replied. Miller always works on his game to become a better player, he really has the talent to become a good college player and is very confident and doesn’t hesitate about what he wants to do in the future.