Feature : Ms. Single


Delmonte Ward, Opinion

As it is now, it is almost impossible to overlook Ms. Single if one were to ever pass her in the hallway regardless of her smaller than average size. This could because of the fact that with her 34 tattoos, she is practically a living canvas. She has enough ink on her body to fill two copiers and a printer. But that’s only one of the things that make her such a rare commodity within the educational field.

Many students not only enjoy Ms. Single’s class but enjoy her very presence and it is evident she love her students as much as they love her, if not more. “I love all my kids. I have worked at Overlea for 10 years and every one of those years my kids were awesome. Throughout my 10 years, I can probably count on my hand maybe 5 kids that irked my soul to the point where I don’t want to ever see them again.”

Despite the fact that Ms. Single initially received offers from more prestige schools like Dulaney High School, she chose Overlea because she believed she can make a larger difference in the lives of the children she meet in this community. “I hate to say it because it’s not the same for every parent, but parents here are so pulled thin with keeping a roof over our kid’s head that they can’t come to every sporting event or contribute to every field trip. I mean if you got, you can kick it in, here kids will appreciate it more than anywhere else.” You don’t find love and care for their student’s well-being in every teacher making Ms. Single a special entity among the teacher community.

There are some students who don’t like Ms. Single because of how committed she is to her students. Some complain about her showing certain students favoritism because of the way she talks to her students. What these students fail to realize is that although Ms. Single may constantly comment on your wrongs, she does it because of how much she care for the future of her students. Instead of her methods being seen as favoritism, they should really be seen as her way of motivation. She uses a sense of tough love that objectively singles out the mistakes of others. She would rather tell you a hurtful truth bluntly than lie to spare one’s feelings. When asked about why she utilizes this method she responded with, “Because if I don’t tell you the truth, then I don’t care. If I sit down and tell you that you are producing [explicative] and that you are better than this, that is because you are and you need to get your [explicative] together.” Reasons a such as this may be the reason why some students don’t like Ms. Single but this can also be why some students see her as such an important figure in their life.

The personality of Ms. Single is unique to say the least. Her “I don’t care what others think of me” personality is truly one of a kind. She has no problem telling you that she does not care about your opinion of her. When asked about what she thinks about her perception amongst others she would respond with, “I don’t really care what people think of me but instead am I being true to myself about what I out of the world. Because there are people here that don’t like me, from an administrative and staff perspective and I don’t care because that is not why I am here.”

Although she openly states her disregard for any discontent between her and her peers, Ms. Single accepts the general student opinion of her being quirky. “I’m okay with quirky. I think I cultivated that to a degree. You may not find anyone else as visually intriguing with all the tattoos and piercings. But quirky is good; it means that you are unique and memorable.”

Memorable indeed. Ms. Single is one of those few teachers a student may remember years later. The combination of her unique personality, brutal honesty, and how “visually intriguing” she is, makes it is almost impossible for a student to say they will ever forget Ms. Single whether for a good or bad reason.