Ways to Occupy Yourself During a Blizzard


Brittany Tyler, Arts Reporter

The Blizzard of 2016 in Baltimore, Maryland lasted from January 22nd- January 24th.

Many people were trapped in their homes and had next to nothing to entertain themselves. In some instances, people watched movies specifically geared toward blizzards.

“Me and my little sister Ryli watched movies like Frozen, Elf, and The Night before Christmas,” said Ryah (’17). “I would recommend Frozen and Frost the Snowman.”

Some people sat around and listened to music. Music is a way to relax and think about the pretty white scene.

“I listened to Adele- Hello a lot,” said Nathaniel (’17) “It is a very peaceful song and makes me want to sing along.”

When you are having fun time passes faster than when you aren’t having fun. Pop in something funny and laugh or even tune into great playlist,

When a blizzard is here don’t fear! Movies and music can bring out the beauty of a blizzard.