Overlea Students Showcase Their Photos in a Gallery


Brittany Tyler, Arts Reporter

Students Overlea High school displays their “Dark Room” photo gallery across from the library.

The dark room is a room with little to no light. The focus was to use a camera. Using cardboard, students maneuvered around to find different ways to take the photo so that it is visible.

“This is from the first experience students had in the dark room”, said Ms. Foti. “The assignment was to talk about the structure and essential parts of the camera”

There are many advantages of being in the photography class at Overlea High School. The photography class is a way for students to express their artwork.

Student, Aloany Gonzalez, took a picture of shoes that disappear into the air toward the top of the picture. The background is a forest. Student, Unique Richardson’s photo consists of a girl sitting on a stool but the top part of her body is blurry.

“I am in the advanced photography class”, said Aloany Gonzalez (’16). “It gives me the feeling that some of the pictures I take can be meaningful.”

There are many different kinds of cameras that carry out different procedures. There are also props that create different effects.

“I used a piece of cardboard in order to zoom in on a picture”, said Unique Richardson (’16). “I am eager to see what other effects I can make”

The photography class is offered at Overlea High School. When putting together schedules, students have the option of choosing photography as one of their classes.