Flu Season Arrives at Overlea


Tyniera Rollins, News Reporter

Students at Overlea High School are preparing for yet another flu season.
“Flu season starts at the beginning of November and ends in February,” said Ms. Martin, the school nurse. “Students always get sent home when sick because the flu is very contagious. The flu is air borne; if a person sneezes or cough you will most likely be affected. This is why you must get a flu shot to prevent this from happening.”

If you have the flu, the symptoms are: pain in the chest, headaches, stuffy nose, and high temperatures. In order to get rid of the flu you have to drink a lot of fluids such as apple juice, orange juice, and ginger ale.

“When I got rid of the flu, I felt like my normal self.” said Tyneria Thomas (‘18).
If a student thinks they have the flu, they should stay home and call their doctor to see what’s going on. Students will not be allowed in school if they catch the flu. If a student comes to school with the flu, they will be sent home right away as it can be very contagious. If a person sneezes, they could infect others due to the germs being spread around.

The healthiest teacher at Overlea, Mr. Benjes, reported that he has never had the flu. However, he has seen plenty of students with it. If a student has the flu, Mr. Benjes stated that he will “call the office and ask for some help but also help the student and comfort them so they won’t be embarrassed.”