Overlea’s Talented Students Display Their Artwork


Kristen Shenck, Arts Reporter

Overlea High School has many talented and artistic students in hiding. These artists often display their amazing skills to the school without any recognition.

Located on the first floor next to the library is a colorful exhibition of art belonging to Mrs. Fisher’s art students.  Since the art displayed on the walls is in school, there has to be an academic purpose. Mrs. Fisher did this unit because she had a goal: “To make observational drawing creative,” Fisher said.

Even though all of the students were to draw their own shoes, they did it with their own creativity and imaginations.

Out of all the art posted up from the project next to the library, two really stood out. Both of these art pieces are done by two very different people. One of the artists is Maedot Kibret (’18).

Her art work consists of piercing blue and red. With a tangy orange background.

When a person is making a piece of art they do it because they love it. “I loved the coloring part and making all the patterns by myself.” Said Kibret.

She uses such vibrant and bright colors. All of the details put into each shoe makes the art stand out more. You can also tell by every brush and pen stroke how hard she worked on it.

Now even though Kibret made an amazing piece of art, so did the second artist, Sarah Bilger (’18).  Her piece displays muted white and black shoes that explode loads of colorful laces.

Sometimes when an artist makes their final piece they have second thoughts on certain colors, shapes, or even the project in a whole. But not Bilger.

When asked about her second thought she said, “No, because I liked the way my drawing turned out.  So I wouldn’t change anything.”

When making an art piece or just making regular everyday decisions it’s important to stick with it. Do everything the way you want to do it with no regrets. Just like these ladies Sarah Bilger and Maedot Kibret.