Dance Team Brings Energy to Overlea


Kristen Schenck, Arts Reporter

Ms. Ferrigno, also known as “Ms. F”, is new to the Overlea High school staff. Not only can she call herself a new dance teacher, but also the pioneer of our school’s new dance program.

“I am really enjoying working here at Overlea,” responded Ms. Ferrigno. “The students and faculty are very nice and welcoming. It has been an easy transition after working in the same school for 11 years.”

Ferrigno has been teaching dance for quite some time. Such dedication must have been inspired in some way.

“I was inspired to start teaching by the dance teachers of my childhood,” said Ferrigno. “Bobbe Reynolds inspired me to choreograph and work with younger students.  Stephanie Powell helped me keep my focus and encouraged me to become a high school teacher.”

“She really helped me to achieve my goals in dance and education by setting a good example and constantly encouraging me,” responded Ferrigno

Like all teachers at Overlea, Ferrigno chose to come here out of many schools available.

“I chose to come to Overlea because I have known Dr. Dwarte for a long time and believe in the change he is bringing to Overlea,” spoke Ferrigno. “There are so many naturally talented students at the O that would benefit from a dance program.”

Ms. Ferrigno is a hard working dance teacher who wants to help others the best way she can. One can only imagine that she will have an amazing impact on the students of Overlea High School and positively change many students’ lives.