Coach Class Helps Students After School


Lateefah Iliyasu, Reporter

Coach class is an event that takes place after school that helps students who need extra help from teachers.

“It’s an opportunity to get extra help on things that they missed or need more clarification on,” said Dr. Kelly, a Spanish teacher.  “It’s an opportunity to get the individualized attention that they would not get in normal class.”

Teachers do not get paid extra for staying after school.

Coach class has impacted people at Overlea in a positive way because it gives them personal time with teachers.  It also helps them become more comfortable asking questions than they would be during normal school days.

“It has impacted me positively because it’s a time I bond and have a better relation with the teacher because the relationships that you develop with a teacher is important,” said Kayla Moore, a sophomore.  Kayla wants people to know that students are not lazy if they don’t go to coach class.  “It’s just that they have a lot of responsibilities and some just don’t have a ride after school.”

Coach class continues to be held everyday after school.