Top Stories of Overlea 2017

Anthony Allen, News Reporter

The 2016-2017 was a year to remember. Here are some of the headline stories that made an impact on Overlea High School.


New Administration

This year marked a transition in leadership at Overlea. It saw the exit of two highly admired administrators, principle Dr. Duarte and assistant principle Mr. Powell. In their place, we have the first-time administrators Ms. Sample and Mr. Covert.

New Renovations

This year Overlea High School has been through a lot of renovations. There has been a huge change in the building. From the windows, the new air conditioning, new doors, new internet wiring, and new lights. These renovations made the school look a lot better.

New President

Once Donald Trump came into office the whole school went crazy. Everyone was going back and forth debating whether who voted for him and didn’t. Even the students was going at the teachers saying that they voted for Trump.

College Interns

College students came to Overlea High School to get some experience at teaching high School students. First they were helping out the teachers for what they needed done, then after a while the teachers let them take over the class and teach. Some of the students felt as though the class was easier with them here.

New Grading System

Everyone in Overlea High School were upset about the new grading system. The student felt as though the new grading system was too difficult to understand, and that the new Grading System was messing up their grades. The teachers did not like the New Grading System because they did not really understand it, and they were confused about how to grade certain assignments. Some teachers did not worry about the new system and went around it to make everything easier.

JV football won the championship

After a good season the JV Football team went 7-2 in the season to win the JV championship. They were upset about the 2 loses but they still had a good season and everyone can’t wait for the next season.