End of the Year Laziness


Meelah Green, Editor-In-Chief

As the year comes to a close and the seniors have said their last goodbyes, the remaining portion of underclassmen still remain at school with only two weeks left. Students have become worn out with the long hours of school and the continous amount of classwork. The atmosphere here at Overlea has changed from one of soarness to one of laziness. Arguably, even some teachers have become just as lazy as students. It seems as if the act of laziness has spread throughout the whole school and has caused a tremendous outbreak.  Is it contagious?

Over the course of a few weeks, I have observed the setting of several classes. In my investigation, I’ve found that more classrooms are becoming empty, and that the majority of the students spend their time on their phones or catching up on their z’s. The minority of students who actually want work on their assignments are stuck watching meaningless movies. Towards the end of my investigation, I have found the key in which will resolve end of the year  laziness. Let’s take a look.

At the start of my investigation, I decided to question Mr. Bryant, a teacher here at Overlea. When being asked when he he sees most students become lazy, he said: “After the third quarter, students are kind of checking out.” Seniors, once their final exams are over, you can forget it.

What I found interesting in my interview with Mr. Bryant is that he believes that the laziness in the school is sparked by the abscence of seniors, for the simple fact that they are released earlier than the rest of the underclassmen. “These attributes of laziness has been passed down from class to class,” said Mr. Bryant. “New freshmen coming in wouldn’t know how to be lazy if they didn’t see the uppeer classmen do it.”

Mr. Bryant can certainly realate to these attributes of lazinesss around the school, because he was once a high school student. With his knowledge of knowing how it feels to relax during the end of the school year has helped him come up with a game plan to motivate students, in which he reccomends all teachers do. “I’m more of a project person,” said Mr. Bryant. “Projects are hands on and something that you can make interesting , no matter what class you have.”

To obtain a more different perspective about the end of the year laziness, I went to Mr. Wade, the Spanish teacher.  when being asked whether he has ever felt the urge of not wanting to grade assignments or do anyother work in general, he responded in an energetic manner, as if he was deeply interested into the topic. “Yes, I hate grading papers,” said Mr. Wade. “They’re a pain, but you got to do it.”

As you can see, Mr. Wade can also completely relate to high school students when it comes to the end of the year. The only difference between Mr. Wade and most high school students is that he is willing to push through to get his assignments done. “You got to push through it,” said Mr. Wade.

In order to grasp a different view point about end of the year laziness, I decided to talk to Brittany Amaya, a sophmore here at Overlea. When being asked how she felt recieving classwork at the end of the year, she responded with an infurious tone and replied, “I feel like teachers at the end of the year feel like giving out more work and sometimes it’s stressful.”

Although Amaya sometimes feels overwhelmed by the amount of classwork she recieves, she believes that students should contiue getting classwork–but not as much.

“I feel like teachers should give work, but not as much work,” said Amaya. “If we don’t do work, then what is the point of coming to school. We come to school to learn.”

Throughout my investigation, I have found that the best remedy to resolve these attributes of lazziness at the end of the year is by creating more projects, minimizing  the amount of class work and continuing to push through all assignments, even when you don’t feel like doing them.

Overall, end of the year laziness is part of our human nature, but it is our job to for both teachers and students to finish strong at the end of the year.