What are your family Christmas traditions?

Cheyenne Hubbard

Overlea High School students are going on winter break for Christmas and have decided to talk about some of their family traditions.

“My family tradition on Christmas is, my family all comes together and we eat and play games,” said Kyree Hampton (’17). “My favorite Christmas movie is ‘This Christmas’ because it is a movie that my family watches and it brings us together.”

Many students spend Christmas traveling to different places to see their family or just to go out and have fun with their family.

“We travel to Florida and go to family parties and Disney World with my grandparents,” said Darien Gaither (’17). “We usually do this every year now because some of my family don’t spend the holidays with us, so we changed our tradition to make it fun.”

While students are waiting for Christmas day to come, some may have a tradition the night before Christmas.

“Sometimes we put the tree up the night before Christmas and then my aunt and grandmother would come over to help me and my mom bake cookies,” said Lanaya Johnson (’18). “I wouldn’t change anything because I like when it’s just my immediate family since it’s not that many people.”

Overlea students winter break starts after school on December 22 and return in the New Year, January 3rd, 2017.