Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner?

Cheyenne Hubbard

Thanksgiving and Christmas is coming up and for some cultures the food is different for the holidays. This reporter decided to talk to a Caucasian student at Overlea to see what they eat.

“On Thanksgiving I eat turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, stuffing and rolls,” said Ashley Schneider (’18). “The food from Thanksgiving is different from what my family eats on Christmas because we eat steak instead of ham and baked potatoes instead of mash potatoes.”

For some African Americans they don’t really do a dinner on Christmas like they would do on Thanksgiving.

“Yes the food from Thanksgiving is different from the food on Christmas because on Christmas you don’t eat dinner, my family eats breakfast Christmas morning,” said Brian Braxton (’17) “I would rather eat food from Thanksgiving because there is more to choose from and a better variety.”

In Hispanic cultures, they don’t eat all of the same Thanksgiving and Christmas foods that other cultures eat.

“I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas because it is the holiday where all my family comes together and it’s fun since I don’t get to see my family all the time,” said Yoselyn Lavin (’18). “My mother makes mostly the same thing during Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it’s not the typical food everyone else would eat. My family eats rice and beans, roast pig or turkey stuffed with stuffing, sweet potatoes, beef patties, empanadas, and flan which is a Spanish desert.”

Overlea High School students have off the 24Th and 25Th for Thanksgiving and the 25th till the 1st of January for Christmas.