Meelah Green, Editor-n-Chief

Iris Maga is showing Stephanie a picture on her phone during a brain break in Mr. Wade’s class.


Trinity Stanton and Jayla  Howard hug in the hallway after school.


Lauren Dueberry  has a conversation with Stephanie before the AP Physics exam. Stephanie pours juice into her cup as she continues to socialize with Lauren Dueberry.


Madsion Wood and Shatira Williams have only known each other for a little over a year now. Today they consider themselves as close friends and sisters.


Madison Wood prepares to take a photo, while Stephanie and Lauren Dueberry join in. Madison Wood, Lauren Deuberry and Stephanie, all pose for the camera.


Justine Lazatin and Lauren Dueberry are making funy faces , while taking  a picture.


Students are socializing outside of the JROTC room. They are wating to take the AP Physics exam.


Brittany Watkins,Madison Wood, and Shatira Williams take a photo during A lunch.


Ms. Johnson gives a student advice. Ms. Johnson is a role model and big sister in many ways and represents sisterhood.


Three students place their hands on the table to take a photo. They want to promote diversification through sisterhood.


Ms. Johnson and the student are having a last minute conservation before leaving the school.