Coach Rollins; THE JOURNEY

Keivon Bowman


“I’m blessed to be in the position I am today”. Coach Rollins the head football coach, husband, teacher at Overlea high school has been through a lot on his journey to helping kids turn into young responsible adults, as well as being a wonderful coach, teacher, father, and husband.

Born and raised in Willow Grove, PA Coach Craig Rollins grew up with his mother and father and three other siblings, one older brother, two younger sisters. Coach Rollins was into movies during his childhood. “My favorite movie was The Warriors because it was about a group of teenagers bonding together to fight their way home. But I also loved Transformers the cartoon because the auto bots sacrificed themselves for the human freedom.” That shows how his personality as a person is now.

It wasn’t always easy for Coach Rollins as a child. “It was hard having to worry about eating every day, being able to afford clothes. During the summer I used to live between grandparents because my mom couldn’t afford for me to stay home at times, or even playing recreational sports we couldn’t afford to pay for it.”

For Coach Rollins football was his way out. “I was blessed enough to play football a Morgan State and transfer to West Chester to finish my career. Although I played at Morgan State and West Chester I had a chance to play at the University of Rutgers but since I didn’t take my grades seriously in high school it back fired on me and I didn’t qualify. That’s why I always stress the importance of grades.”

Coach Rollins is a teacher and head football coach at Overlea high school, “I wanted to help younger students prepare for their future after school. I love what I do; I get to see boys grow to men, seeing their growth from freshman year to senior year and seeing them receive scholarships to play football at the next level. The only thing I worry about is not being good enough and not being able to help them succeed.”

Coach Rollins has had many people inspire him but none like his mom. “I’d say when my mom passed away in my senior year of college it was the hardest thing to overcome, seeing how she impacted my community and mentored a lot of people; I wanted to be just like her.”

Coach Rollins’ growth as a person has been huge throughout his life. “As a coach I’ve tried to follow my rec and high school coaches. As a teacher I like to remember how my teachers tried hard to make class fun so we could enjoy it and that’s how I try to teach. Growing as a husband I tried taking knowledge from my grandfather and father remembering about what they always taught me about being a man.”

Coach Rollins gets the opportunity not many teachers or parents get, he’s able to work in the same school and coach both of his sons Craig Rollins III and Jamahd Rollins. “I enjoy being there coach and being able to work in the same building they learn because they get to see dad as a teacher and coach, but the hard part is the critics, when I hurt they hurt but the positive outweighed the negatives.”

Coach Rollins has had a long journey to wear he is now, but it’s not over as he hopes in the future he can coach at the collegiate level and continue to help young men become successful.