Mr. Benjes: A Teacher Inspired

Tiahrell Thornton, Student Life

Mr. Benjes’ classroom is always dark as if a dragon is sleeping in its cave.

It is decorated with posters as if he was getting ready to have a party.  Mr. Benjes is a short and a well upholstered person who is also very intelligent.  He loves to teach at Overlea High School, and  loves to teach the students here.

“I grew up in Middle River near Martins State Airport on the water not too far from Overlea,” says Mr. Benjes.  He was born and raised by his biological mother and father. His parents always went sailing a lot since he lived by the water. But Mr. Benjes didn’t really like the boat.  His favorite part of going out on the water was when they went fishing and swimming in the water.

Mr. Benjes was influenced by many people to become a teacher.  “A lot of teachers I had inspired me a lot to become a teacher and pushed me into my potential of becoming a teacher, but the teacher that motivated me the most is Mr. Brestler,” recounts Benjes .  “He was at Eastern Tech but now he is at Dulaney now. He motivated me by the way he delivered the material, the way he made the class fun, the way he made class engaging and enjoyable also the way he created a solid relationship with students. I still communicate with him for advice to this day.”

Mr. Benjes experiences stretches out far into our state.  “I went to St. Mary’s College of Maryland,” says Benjes .  “It is down in Southern Maryland.  It’s a entire honors college and is on the water where I grew up.  It’s beautiful down there and it’s in the middle of nowhere, so it’s really nothing to do down there but I found a way to have a good time down there and learn a lot and also made a lot of friends. I still keep in touch with most of my friends I made down there.”

It’s safe to say that Overlea is lucky to have Mr. Benjes.  “It feels great teaching in Overlea,” he says, “and having a stable job and I like most of the kids I work with. I also like the things that I am able to do for the kids.”