Mr. Ford: Life Of A History Teacher


Anthony Allen

Mr. Ford has no decorations in his house.

“I’m a minimalist,” said Mr. Ford, the American government teacher, but you would never know that when you enter his room. When you walk into his room it’s a normal social studies room.  There are history posters up on the wall, maps, and books everywhere.

Mr. Ford normally wears slacks with a with a dress shirt. Sometimes he wears a tie but most of the time he doesn’t. When I went to Mr. Ford classroom after school he changed into a pair of sweat pants, a shirt, and a pair of shoes so that he can go to track practice. After he finishes coaching track practice he go home and jogs. He is a cool, calm and collected person that loves what he does.

Mr. Ford started out as a teacher assistant at Syracuse University and he ended up liking it. After that he got a job at Syracuse University in the counseling department and he ended up talking to the head of the social studies department and got a job. So Mr. Ford started teaching, and loved it because it’s never the same day twice and it’s never the same thing every day.

When Mr. Ford was in high school he never planned on going to college. His dad told him that he was going to college, so he did.

Mr. Ford went to the University of Connecticut and he was good at soccer. He didn’t know if soccer was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life so he did not continue with it. After he graduated from college he started working some odd jobs. ”I was working at a warehouse for 2 months on the night shift, and after that I did nothing for a while.

But doing nothing is not Mr. Ford’s style. “After not doing anything for a while I became a teacher’s assistant for Syracuse Alternative school and I actually liked it,” recounts Mr. Ford. “So then I got a job at Syracuse University. From there I talked to the head board of Social Studies, went to grad school and started teaching.”

Mr. Ford like teaching because he loves interacting with the students and him never has the same day twice. “Never any moment, never the same day twice, never the same class period twice, and its fun meeting new people,” said Mr. Ford. “I like being around the kids and helping them get to where they want to go especially to play college sports.”