The Best Times: A Look Into the Overlea Football Family


Anthony Allen, Reporter

After school, everyone went into the library to watch one of our players get signed to a college.

As I walked into the library, I saw all of my teammates laughing and talking to one another. I saw my former teammate sitting down in the middle of his mom and dad getting ready to sign. His parents looked so proud of him, so as I sat there proud of my teammate as well. I thought to myself: Will I be next? Will I have the opportunity to sign to a college? Will I get the opportunity to have my parents sitting next to me as I sign?

Will I even make it to college?

I started off by talking to the head coach of football at Overlea High School, Coach Rollins. When I walked into his room and we sat down at the table and I asked him if he could list some names of players that he sent off to college.

Coach Rollins grinned and said, “This list could go on forever,” and started listing them. Afterwards he asked if I needed anything else and I said no.

When I got back to the room to do my research coach Rollins came in the room on the phone with one of his former players and was able to get me on the phone to interview them. He was able to get me on the phone with four of his former players.

I asked them what their experiences on being coached by coach Rollins, and all of them said that he was a great coach and he stayed on top of things.

For example, Desmond Kelly who graduated from Overlea in 2014 and is now at Eastern Michigan said, “Being and playing at Overlea made me a smarter player, helped me with play recognition and coach was able to teach me better study habits.”

I went on to research about their careers in college and most of them did pretty good. Most of them were a “one and done” (they played for one year and was done with it). Then I found out that none of them had made it farther than college ball.

Even though none of them made it farther than college football they gained something else.

Coach Rollins taught his players something else besides teaching them how to play the game of football. Coach Rollins taught them how to stay focus and how to keep their head on and off the field. Most of them had a problem with their anger and they was able to control it.

From my research I found that coach Rollins will do everything in his power to get me into college, but at the end of the day I would have had a great coaching staff and amazing role models to look up to. No matter what happens after my senior year I know that I was in good hands and I was a part of a team and family that I will never forget.