Show Biz: Behind the Scenes of Pippin!


Sara Beale, Art Department

Students performing in pippin join hands in prayer before their musical debut. This is a tradition they partake in before every performance.

The empty auditorium waiting to be filled with people before the show.

Student casted as the grandmother after her make up was finished. She looks very serious, as she was ready and determined to perform to the best of her ability.

Another performer looking quite ecstatic before taking the stage.

Close up of the breathtaking make up done on one of the dancers.

Members of the cast looking focused five minutes before the opening of the curtain.

Two of the actresses sharing one final laugh before the start of the play.

Two students after rehearsal showing that sometimes the excitement from performing can be overwhelming, but all worthwhile.

Students getting one final pep talk before going on stage as they shouted together in unison.

Standing together holding hands before finally entering the stage.