Seniors’ Last Days

Teovonni Morant, Editor

David Johnson (’17) is tired and bored of the lessons in his Pre-College Math class.

Seniors walk away from the school during lunch. Some of them grab lunch outside of school then come back while others keep walking.

A seniors uses a phone in class to look through pictures unrelated to the subject.

Senior avoids class by lingering in the bathroom.

Group of friends laugh at and reenact videos they found funny in the middle of class.

Ryah Bunting (’17)┬ápauses her walk through the halls to check her phone.

Nathaniel Roberts-Bey (’17) and Kaylyn Harvey (’17) goof around.

A group of seniors become distracted by something on their phones.

Iris Maga (’17) poses for the phone’s camera. She picked up the phone and took close face shots during class discussion.

Amber Ellerbee (’17) falls asleep at the back of the class.