Overlea Falcons Boys’ Basketball Team Loses to Parkville Knights


The boys’ varsity basketball team played an outstanding game against the Parkville knights, but lost (52-49) on December 20th.

“The game was good and we played hard,” said Rodney Gross (‘19). “Last night made us realize what we need to work on for the next game. I could’ve grabbed more rebounds and took more charges to help my team. As a team we’re good at finding the open player but our weakness is defense, we need to work on that.”

Jaylen McMillan (’18) was disappointed with the outcome of the game because he felt that his team didn’t put forth enough effort to beat the Parkville Knights.

“We should’ve blew them out,” said McMillan. “I missed too many layups and we bailed them out with fouls and they were not that good. We needed to make more free throws and if we were to stop turning the ball over we would’ve won that game easy.”

Byron Staten (’17) is proud of his team’s overall effort in trying to beat the Parkville Knights. However he feels that there are some things that he could work on and his team could work on as well.

“It was a good game,” said Staten. “I feel like if we would have played to our full potential, we could have won. I left all I had on the court that game and I tried my best to make every shot and if we would’ve made most of our free throws we would have been in the game and maybe won it.”

Although the boys’ varsity basketball team played their hardest on the court and lost 52-49, they are working hard to fix the mistakes they made in the game, in order to prepare for the next basketball game against Woodlawn on January 6th.