Is Graphics Class Art or Technology?


Franklin Vigil, Arts Reporter

Many questions have been raised about whether Mrs.Defoe’s graphics class is considered to be a part of the art department or technology department.

“They are definitely both. I have kids that can design very well, but they are not great at computer programs, and I have kids who can’t design, but are well at computer programs.” said Mrs. Defoe. “They have to work on computer designs and graphing, and also physically make them.”

Some students that take the course believe it is art and technology as well.

“I considered this both because we use technology to make art,” Said Naphis Han (’19). “You spend most time on the computer.”

Students enjoy the mix of both of technology and art that graphics design has to offer.

“I think this is a good class, it has many opportunity’s to offer,” Said Milagros Godinez (’18). “I feel great about this class, it is fun.”

The next opportunity to sign up for Mrs. Defoe’s graphics class would be the beginning of the next school year.