Rivalry Schools

Sataree Garcia, Sports Department reporter

Rivalry games here at Overlea are considered to be a big deal. Overlea high school’s staff, students, and most importantly the community, come out each year to support our sports teams.
“I dislike my rivals and want to win for bragging rights every time,” said Coach Henson. “We have two rivals: Kenwood and Eastern Tech.”
When it comes to rivalry games, Kobe Baker (’18) becomes an ambitious player. He enjoys playing in rivalry games and most importantly, he is determined to defeat Eastern Tech.
“My rituals never change no matter the opponent we play against,” said Baker. “I plan on destroying whoever is in front of me. My rivalry is Eastern Tech because we are very close to each other and they think just because they have a better learning environment that they’re better, so I love beating them in every sport.”
Jeremiah Bryant (’18) explains how the atmosphere during a rivalry game is more aggressive than a typical sports game at Overlea.
“A lot of tension in the air,” said Bryant. “Our rivals are Hereford and Eastern Tech,” said Jeremiah Bryant (‘18).
Rivalry games at Overlea high school are to be considered important because they bring the community together and they help Overlea earn bragging rights.