The Bathroom Closings


Keivon Bowman, Student Life Reporter

Lately the first and third floor bathrooms were closed for reasons we were unsure of.

“The closing of the restrooms is to reduce the amount of hallway traffic for safety precautions,” said Mr. Williams, who often performs hall sweeps around the bathroom areas. “It will help students because it will reduce the amount of teachers needed to cover the different restroom locations. This allows more time for coverage in emergency situations and it also allows more time for classroom preparations”

The bathrooms are closed due to many reasons in school.

“The Bathroom can be closed due to construction, school safety concerns and for cleanings,” said Ms. Beaty.”I believe this is helping kids because they aren’t in the hallways, they aren’t late to class, and they aren’t playing in the bathrooms.”

Multiple teachers and administrators have talked about the bathroom closings and if they will reopen.

“The closings of the bathrooms is not permanent,” said Ms. Beaty. “They can always reopen.”

Hopefully the closings will help the students and the traffic in the hallway. Students haven’t really had any problems with the adjustment of the bathrooms.

“I personally do not care for the first and third floor because I would always walk to the second floor anyway,” said Delmonte Ward (‘17). “We already know this is going to have a bad impact on kids because when they use the bathroom there going to take a long time because for some students that’s a longer walk, than teacher may get mad because about how long they take.”

After the construction it is finished it is expected for the bathrooms to reopen.