Beware of the Coats!

Keondra DeNeal, Opinion Writer

Are Overlea High School students charitable? There are a number of events going on in the school that are aimed to get students involved in charitable acts, such as a toy drive and a coat drive. There seems to be a minimal amount of students getting involved in the activities. This led me to believe that there has to be a reason behind it…maybe students just weren’t aware.

“I wasn’t aware of the coat drive at all,” said Larry Young (‘17). “Maybe they should have mentioned it on the announcements. It would also help if teachers played the announcements”.

It seems that the posters weren’t enough to get students involved this year.

“Yes, I was aware of the coat drive but I choose not to participate,” said Briana Robinson (’17).

Unfortunately, not all students had the opportunity to contribute to the coat drive.

“The outcome for the coat drive was pretty good,” said a Key club representative. “I’m not sure how many coats we have but the goal was eighty.”

There does seem to be students participating but if we had more individuals involved, the turnout of the event would be even greater.