The Winter Concert

Keondra DeNeal, Opinion Writer

Overlea High School students received the opportunity to perform at White Marsh Mall last Friday evening. It was an exciting event for the participants and personally, as an attendee of Overlea High School, it filled me with pride that everyone in the mall was able to witness greatness; Overlea’s choir.

“It was a very good experience. It prepared me for real performances in the future,” said Kyree Hampton (‘17), an aspiring singer/song writer.

The performance at White Marsh Mall gave students an opportunity like no other offered here at Overlea. It wasn’t simply singing in the mall, it introduced people to the abilities of the Overlea choir.

“It was a great experience, I thoroughly enjoyed performing for the people in the mall,” April Terry (‘17). “This gave students an opportunity to venture outside of Overlea doing something they enjoy”.

“It was a very enjoyable event. I had a great time singing for people that whole day I had a great time,” said Kailah Nophlin (’17). It was not simply going on a field trip, it was like spending free time with your friends”.

The Overlea voices look forward to exploring the opportunities granted to them by participating in the choir.