The Coffee House Returns


Teovonni Morant, Editor-in-Chief

The Coffee House is back after a year break and is ran by National Honor Society (NHS) in the library. It’s held once a month on Fridays.

“Ms. Hamilton and I as advisers for National Honor Society really wanted to give the opportunity for students to take initiative and a leadership role in everything having to do with National Honor Society,” said Ms. Foti. “Unfortunately last year we had a very small group of National Honor Society students who were very committed to other endeavors throughout the building and outside of the building. This year we have a nicer, more sizeable group similar to what we had two years ago. To the point with National Honor Society being able to break off into committees with everyone handling different responsibilities.”

NHS runs the Coffee House to give students a safe place to share their talents and come together. It is also an opportunity for NHS to raise money towards different causes they support or community service projects.

“The purpose of the Coffee House is to allow our students to display their gifts and talents,” said Josh Turner (’17), the NHS president. “I think that next time around we can probably try to attract more individuals to come out and display their gift and talents, no one’s there to judge you.”

Most students felt comfortable about performing and enjoyed sharing their talents as well as enjoyed other’s performances.

“When I was up there on the stage I was not nervous,” said Darren McLaurin (’18). “All of my people was there I knew, so they were hyping me up. I wasn’t really nervous I love the spotlight, I love the camera.”

The next Coffee House will be on Friday December 16th. NHS hopes that even more students show up and perform.