Advantages of Advance Placement

Jalen Chapman, Student Life Reporter

Advance Placement classes are very beneficial for students and teachers love to challenge their students to prepare them for college in them. Overlea has a good supply of AP classes and the teachers here at the O have fully supported all the students both in class and in life.
AP teachers work hard to prepare the best lessons for students

“On the first day of school or even everyday, everything has to be perfect because it is so much reparation for these AP classes” said by Mr. Sutton, who teaches AP economics.

“It took me about three weeks to prepare for my AP classes,” said by Mr. Benjes, the AP Psychology teacher ”sometimes is stressful but it’s all worth it in the end.”

AP students enjoy AP classes because …

“I love AP classes,” said Shaniece Thomas (‘18) “they prepare me for college courses and they have always been challenging to me ever since my first one in ninth grade “

Students have taken many AP classes.

“I have taken four classes ever since ninth grade and they all have made me a better student here at the O” said by Shaniece Thomas (‘18)

Students and teachers are making themselves better, we are creating relationships and building stronger minds. In the future students will have much experience with college classes and will better them in life.