The Election: Students vs. Students

Keondra DeNeal, Opinion Writer

The turnout of this election has done more than shock the nation. On a smaller spectrum, high school students that took part in voting and those who did not, brought their varying opinions to school the next day.

The American people as a whole have had different opinions on the turn out of the election. It seems as if the whole nation has been divided. Upon entering school the next day, I was filled with mixed emotions and the atmosphere throughout the halls complemented the rain outside on Wednesday morning. Walking into school, all I heard were racial slurs and failed attempts at jokes toward deportation.

Some students who weren’t yet eligible for voting were just as expressive with their opinions as those who did. One student believes there is a majority of Overlea students with a distaste for the President-elect, therefore, there hasn’t been much of a divide. “No, because a lot of the students have a lot of the same outlook”, says Amber E. (’17).

There are students who were eligible and feel like their votes have gone unnoticed but wish to be remained anonymous.
Some decided to stay out of the whole situation. “I didn’t get involved with things like this because no matter what it’s going to affect everyone”, says Alex W. (’17). “Everything changes with a new president.”

Here at the O, there have been opinions on the outcome of the election but it hasn’t divided the school entirely.