Phone Attraction at the ‘O’


Anthony Allen, News Reporter

Despite Overlea’s cellphone policy, students are still on their cellphones during class.

“The cellphone policy allows you to only use your phones when you are given permission to use them,” said Mr. Brown, the assistant principal. “The district has this policy because it is needed in schools so that they [students] are focused on learning and not focused on social media.”

Teachers don’t want students on their cell phones while they are giving instructions to the class.

“Students should not be on their phones during instructions; students will not hear what the teacher is instructing them to do if they are on their phones,” said Ms. Richardson, a math teacher. “First I give them a warning to get off their phones, then I make a call home. If that don’t work then I give them after school detention.”

Students believe that them being on their cell phones will not fully affect them in the future.

“Yes and no because you could be looking up information and no because you could get distracted from what you should be doing or learning,” said Deandre Brown (‘17). “It keeps you distracted and you miss out on what you should be learning in class.”

Next time instead of being on your phone, first listen to the instruction that is given by the teacher then you might be able to use your phone while you do your work.