The Heat is Blazin’ In and Out

Keondra DeNeal, Opinion Writer

Overlea high school has cranked up the heat…or so we all thought. In actuality, all Baltimore County Public Schools have the heat on. It’s controlled in one location but you don’t have to be a meteorologist to understand that different locations experience different weather patterns. The week the heat was turned on, it was nearly eighty degrees outside and walking into a heated building was almost unbearable.

Some rooms were hotter than others but they were all filled with stifling warm air. I began to notice throughout the day during my journey from class to class that every class room has a thermostat with a plastic box around it preventing anyone from tampering with it. Another idea that bothered me is that the heat is turned on at a scheduled time each year, clearly without regards to the weather outside.

“I think it’s an unfortunate policy”, exclaims Mr. Yurow, when asked about his opinion on the heat being turned on without regards to the actual temperature outside.

I also asked Mr. Yurow about his opinions on his inability to control the temperature of his own room. He shared, “We should have control ideally but I understand why we don’t”.
It would be very fortunate indeed to be able to control the temperature of a classroom especially because weather patterns change for year to year.

“I feel like they made the decision too early, they should have waited until the temperature dropped more because it’s really hot everywhere”, said April Terry (’17). It is nearly unbearable to walk into each classroom not knowing what to expect in terms of temperature.

Some believe that it would be fantastic to control the temperature of our classrooms, while others are thinking more rationally as to why we can’t. Which side are you on?