The Tutors are Here!

Anthony Allen, News Reporter

College students are beginning their teaching internships here at Overlea.

“It gives me a great pleasure to help someone grow into the profession of teaching,” said math teacher Ms. Richardson. “The intern will help teach the lesson so that they can get use to teaching in front of a classroom.”

The students view the new interns as teacher assistants.

“It really don’t feel different, they just go around and help out the students,” said Jesiah Hofren (’20). “The interns are just another helper in the classrooms.”

The new interns are using their internship as a learning experience.

“Yes, it is a learning experience and I never worked in a high school so I am learning how to teach older kids,” said intern Melissa Moore.” “I want to be a positive influence on the kids.”

Do not be afraid to ask the tutors for help because they want to help.