New Administration Pleased to be at Overlea


Anthony Allen, News Reporter


Our two new administrators are excited to be working here at Overlea High School.

“I think Overlea is a great institution of learning, it has great students and I’m looking forward to taking Overlea to the next level,” said Ms. Sample, the new principal. “The best part of being the principal of Overlea High School is connecting with the students, meeting them, learning their stories, and meeting their parents.”

Mr. Covert, the new assistant principal, is very enthusiastic about being part of the Overlea family.

“I love being at Overlea High School. The kids are great, the teachers are great, and the parents are wonderful. It feels like a family to me,” said Mr. Covert, the new assistant principle. “The best part about being here is the kids, working with them every day, learning other new kids, and hearing their stories and just helping them to be successful.”

Students here at Overlea High School are pleased with the new administrators thus far.

“It’s new people, new rules, and you can do a lot more with the new principal. Last year the old principal did not let us do a lot of things,” said Joshua Golfing (’18). “The new administration is okay; it is better than last year.”

Whenever you have a question or need help with anything do not hesitate to talk to your new principal or your new assistant principal because they are always open to help you out with anything.